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Books for Quality Assurance

This is an entertaining story about a guy that took over a failing factor and is trying to turn its fate around. How the author introduces each concept through the story is brilliant and intriguing. This is a classic. I wish that more technical skills were taught in a story like this one. This is also a classic when it comes to quality assurance and a lot of people in this industry has read this book.


Books for Process Design

This is about the importance of creating detailed processes so that technically skilled people don’t have to do every task. By breaking up large processes into easily understandable chunks, a business owner or manager can easily track how well it is doing. This book is an amazing resource for inspiration and ideas.


Books for Learning Six Sigma

This is THE textbook on this subject. It is heavily used in class rooms and has a lot of knowledge. Just like other textbooks, it has a whole lot of knowledge that can’t be easily used in real life. I heavily used it as a resource when making the free courses on this website.